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Glemph GLEMPH: the sensitive and sensable tentacle monster. Glemph is much upset by the negative stereotypes perpetrated against his species by the media. He's very prudish and is often disgusted by the actions of his best friend Nort. Glemph is also F'ga's cousin.
Nort NORT: the happy-go-lucky tentacle monster with a lust for life. Unlike his best friend Glemph, Nort is not opposed to a little rough tentacled sex with the female members of the human species. Bold and adventuresome he's game for nearly any sexual perversion imaginable, at least once.
Kiki KIKI: a young woman with a fetish for tentacle rape. Kiki has a huge crush on Glemph. She also wouldn't mind taking a crack at converting F'ga. Human sexual relationships arn't really her thing. Hey it's hard for a mere mortal to sexually compete against the parents of C'thulhu.
Hammer HAMMER: his gruff, stoney exterior hides an inside of pure marshmellow. Large and intimidating, few people know Hammer is soft and sensitive. Hammer runs a pub called "The Spanked Monkey" where tentacle monsters and humans alike meet to partake of alcoholic beverages and enjoy each other's company. Hammer has been a long-time friend of Chibi Sue.
Chibi Sue CHIBI SUE: a woman in her late 30s trapped inside the body of a "chibi". Despite being a virgin Chibi Sue has all the same sexual appetites of a normal woman her age. Her problem lies in the fact that the only people who find her sexually attractive are creepy pedophiles with whom she wants nothing what-so-ever to do. Her other problem is getting through life with no fingers (chibi hands). She is one of the few people in the world who really knows what Hammer is like inside.
Fnanp FNANP: a flakey new-age neo-pagan. Fnanp has spent more time playing Dungeons and Dragons than actually studying the occult. He possesses all the magical properties of a piece of driveway gravel which is why his spells and schemes never turn out the way he intends. He attempted to summon C'thulhu in the hope to impress women but ended up instead being sentanced to babysit the infant C'thulhu while his parents enjoy a few eons of "us time".
Li'l Cuthy LI'L CUTHY: contray to common belief it turns out that despite being several billion years old the "elder" god C'thulhu is, in fact, just a wee baby. He eats, he sleeps, he cries, he poops, and someday when he's all grown up he'll devour your soul.
Freddy FREDDY: an otaku fan-girl with something special, and by girl I mean boy, and by special I mean penis. Freddy is a perpetually happy person who is exactly what s/he wishes to be, a Venus with a penis. Freddy is completely immune to all forms of judgement and scorn. S/he is happy with who s/he is and if you arn't then the problem is clearly your's, not hir's. Although rather harmless s/he is difficult to take in large doses as hir effervescence can become rather grating on the nerves of the more dour and cynical. Freddy is fluent in hir own peculiar dialect of otaku-speak. Neko neko wai!
Smokey SMOKEY: an old fashioned pipe smoking 50's-Father-Knows-Best era man whose clean cut and straight laced exterior masks the heart and soul of a dirty old man. Despite not outwardly expressing any sort of sexual desires for shemales he has slept with Freddy on more than one occaision. In Peep's imagination Smokey is the evil shogun Kemuri-sama.
Funky BREWSTER "Da Funk" BOMBE: known as Funky to his friends, Brewster is an American Blacksploitation film star from the 1970s who skipped the 80s and the 90s and now finds himself trapped in 21st century Canada. He likes his women "freaky" but not too freaky. Due to a shared experience he is friends with Smokey if for no other reason than Smokey "knows his pain".
Hentai Guy H.G.: a former hentai videogame star from Japan H.G. (Hentai Guy) is now retired and living in Canada with the rest of the gang. H.G.'s claim to fame is having an invisible penis. Those of you who play a lot of hentai videogames may be familiar with some of his work.
F'ga F'GA hold me back girls, it's time to get flamboyant. F'ga is here, he's queer, and he's not gonna disappear so get used to it. Although his cousin Glemph fully supports F'ga's homosexuality he does not support his relationship with a human male.
Bobby BOBBY: nowhere near as "show tunes and giggles" as his lover F'ga, Bobby is a gay human male who has discovered the joys of tentacled sex. Although he is loath to admit it Bobby has a secret fetish for YAOI porn. Some people might call Bobby "Straight Acting" although he personally finds the term a little offencive.
Bunny Boy BUNNY BOY: bisexual, furry, and proud. Bunny Boy is a whole bundle of various fetishes all wrapped up in one furry package. He possesses a persecution complex bigger than the Greater Toronto Area. He enjoys shocking people with his sexual antics but then whines when the consequences are a boot to his ass.
Cosplay Girl COSPLAY GIRL: a self-confessed attention whore who employs cosplay to not only escape having to deal with reality but to get attention from those around her. Her cospay is a part of her everyday life and not just something restricted to anime and science-fiction conventions. She talks the talk but rarely walks the walk.
Peep PEEP: a very young tentacle monster child. He likes to scream out "Tentacoo Wape!" around Chibi Sue who he believes to be just another kid like himself. He likes to pretend he's an imaginary superhero called Zipper Ninja using a box of sex toys stolen from Smokey's house as crime-fighting props. Sweet, lovable, and oh so very innocent. Peep calls all male adults "Unka" (uncle) and all female adults, except Chibi Sue, "Auntie".
Zipper Ninja ZIPPER NINJA: a gimp-mask clad ninja. Zipper Ninja is Peep's alter ego who battles on the side of justice in an ancient world of Peep's imagination. Criminals everywhere fear his Magical Vibrating Sai, as well they should for it always gets them in the end.
Kunoichi Muchi-san KUNOICHI MUCHI-SAN: one time enemy turned sidekick of Zipper Ninja. In reality Muchiko is really a blow-up sex doll. Besides her skill with the whip Muchiko also has the advantage of possessing a "secret ninja compartment".
Drunk And Bitter Jesus DRUNK AND BITTER JESUS: he's back and this time it's personal. Hey you'd be drunk and bitter too is some assholes nailed you to a stick and then everybody started following the word of some crazy guy name Paul who never even met you. He's surly and he's your saviour.
Dick Thruston DICK THUSTON: a blindingly white smile and a voice thick with extra cheesy goodness. Despite his never aging appearance Dick has been a long time TV personality and continues to host a variety of television shows covering a broad range of subjects.
High School Girl and Salary Monster HIGH SCHOOL GIRL and SALARY MONSTER: she's an 18 year old senior at Hamilton Hentai Highschool and he's the office worker monster that she loves (even though they don't always get along).
Zsa Zsa ZSA ZSA: the bisexual BDSM "switch". Although usually the Domme she will play the sub for the right person/people. Loves the colour purple and speaks with an indistinct european accent.
Kwerki KWERKI: a very, very odd and possible quite deeply distrubed young woman. Kwerki doesn't quite see the world the same way the people around her do. She has almost no concept of the appropriate. She speaks in a soft, monotone and her eyes are locked in a blank stare that leaves people around her unable to interpret her actual emotional state and generally creeps them out. Kwerki is quite orally fixated and apart from her workboots and socks the only other stitch of clothing she wears is an oversized, stretched sweater. Although she does not let on that it bothers her she is quite sensitive about her rather large ears as she was often teased as a child.
Chick-Boy CHICK BOY: an extreme right religious fundamentalist who worships Chick Tracks as though they were the gospel. Chick Boy only desires to convert those around him to the joy which is hating people for Jesus. Needless to say he does not have too many friends in this strip.